Misemono-Yatai at Operation Table 2023 (Detail)
Operation Table (QMAC), Kitakyushu
22 October – 26 December 2023

I am very happy to announce that, after a long hiatus, my mobile project space ミセモノ屋台 (Misemono-Yatai) is out of storage and back on display at Makiko Matake's exhibition space Operation Table in Kitakyushu. Until the end of the year, she will act as guest curator and exhibit artworks and interventions by former QMAC artists as well as participants of her current exhibitions:

Hideomi Fukuchi and Hironori Minematsu
買う前に悩むな!買ってから悩め!! / Don't worry before you buy! Buy it and then worry about it!!
20 – 22 October 2023

Noe Aoki and Sakubei Yamamoto
石炭と鉄 / Coal and Steel
05 – 26 November 2023

Masatomo Matsuno and DOCUPERU (Jose Balado & Jimena Mora)
「緑よ、私の愛する緑」ドクペルーの映像作品制作に参加して / Making of the DOCUPERU documentary “Green, Beloved Green”
Screenings (01 – 03 December 2023) and artist talk (03 December 2023, 2PM)

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Operation Table (QMAC)
Exhibition hours: FRI – SUN, 11AM – 6PM and by appointment

Address: 福岡県北九州市八幡東区東鉄町8-18
Higashi-Tetsumachi 8-18, Yahata-Higashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Japan

Exhibition view Misemono-Yatai at Operation Table October 2023
Exhibition view Operation Table October 2023