Dokodemo Misemono Event Poster
Exhibition / Event
YUI-PORT, Niigata City
27 January 2024, from 3PM

As part of my artist-in-residency at YUI-PORT in Niigata City, I am organizing the one-day work-in-progress exhibition event どこでもミセモノ (Dokodemo Misemono) in the cultural center's Workshop Gallery.

In anticipation of warmer temperatures that will allow for my mobile project space Misemono-Yatai to be shown outside in the public space, visitors are invited to sit down for an indoor picnic featuring “Mobile Menu #18” by Berlin project space stay hungry. During the event, fellow residents Passepartout Duo (Nicoletta Favari und Christopher Salvito), will play a sound performance using the modular synthesizers they have been developing during their stay.

Special thanks to Makiko Matake (Operation Table, Kitakyushu), Studio Kura (Itoshima), and of course the wonderful YUI-PORT staff.

Participating artists: Moe Amano, Ida-Simone Brerup, Jun Iizuka, Tokie Ito, Toyomi Kamegawa, Anna-Sophie Lewerenz, Jak Peters, Misty Scrimgeour, Marisa Seguin, Atsushi Suzuki, Charlotte Whiteside

Address: 新潟市中央区二葉町2丁目5932-7
2-5932-7 Futaba-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken, Japan