(7pm as much as possible)

Sound performance

LATENT DISLOCATION (7pm as much as possible)

Soundperformance (with Aquiles Hadjis and Pat Noecker)
1st performance – Aquiles Hadjis (Tokyo):
Modified guitars, amplifier, effect units, microphone, trolley
2nd performance – Tatjana Preuss (Berlin):
Computer, digital control unit, voice recorder, music box, microphone, light bulbs
3rd Performance – Pat Noecker (New York):
Smartphone, effect units
30:00 min each
Audio-Player SD
Clip from live recording (2:04 min)
Tokio/ Berlin/ New York, 31 May 2013

This sound performance was developed in collaboration with Aquiles Hadjis and Pat Noecker for “Transmissions”, a group show held simultaneously at AIRPLANE Gallery in New York City and 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. The three players were scattered over three continents and three different time zones. Due to the physical distance, the time difference and the unreliable internet connection, we could not perform together, neither in person nor via video call. Instead, our idea was to record our live performances and, in keeping with the exhibition theme, transmit the videos to the next player who would then react to them – a musical version of the exquisite corpse method developed by the Surrealists. Each performance started at 7pm local time and ended exactly 30 minutes later. Each player would improvise freely, using instruments, objects and a setting of their choice, while listening to the recording of the previous performance(s). Afterwards, they sent their video to the next player. Theoretically, this process could be repeated indefinitely. At the final performance by Pat Noecker in New York, the videos were displayed next to each other.